Bonobo – really nice, relaxing music

Today I have for you a really nice, chillout music, which is good for relaxation but also it is nice musical background when you are working 🙂

But, let music speak for itself!

First song – Scuba – really nice!

Second – Recurring – if you know Lemon Jelly, you should recognize this musical motive – it was used in one of theirs songs 🙂

Next one – The plug:


And the last one – Sugar Rhyme:

Did you like it?


Bonobo – official site

Bonobo – wikipedia

Have a nice day!



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Anime – is anything but childisch entertainment!

Most people here, in the Czech republic, when hear about anime, imagine Pokémons.

But anime is far more complex than this one and as every art comprises from all quality stuff – ranging from excellent to awfull…

I don’t wanna write about anime and its history – there are people who are entitled to this much more than me.

I would like to show you some of my favourite series – not all of them, of course, since there is not enough time or space for that.

So – lets begin:

Full metal panic I., II., Fumoffu

This serie is really something. A teenager, profi mercenary comes to Japan to protect one girl. He becomes her schoolmate and begin his “undercover” mission. But he imagines “undercover” quite different, than we do. His first day of the school – he comes inside and have lots of guns, granades and knives hidden. If he suspects that someone broke into his locker, he blow it up by charge, rather than simply open it. :-).

It is really funny serie and I give you a little taste of it – a fan cut from YouTube:

It is really just for show, it is understandable, that when you don’t know the plot, you won’t have as much fun as you could have otherwise.


FMP – wikipedia

Ghost in the shell I., II.

A legendary serie, inspiration of the Matrix creators. From rather dark and creepy future, where most of the people are rather cyborgs, with artificial brains and bodies.

This serie has everything: great plot, detail characters, fun, action, and so..

Just to show – Intro:


GITS – wikipedia

And the last one:


The main character is a vampire – Alucard (try to read it in reversed way!). He works for secret organization Hellsing, located in the UK and he eliminates all of the “hell spawns”. Really cool character and with his gun, he can perform really effectively :-).

Here is the intro:


Hellsing – wikipedia

Well and that is all! It was only a little, but if you liked it, there is a whole world of interesting movies and series, which waits just for you! Welcome to the world of imagination!




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Bebel Gilberto – if you like samba, you’ll like her!

OK, today is really sunny! So, I think, that this singer and her voice will fit perfectly to today’s mood :-).

Ladies and gentlemen – born in NewYork, but living in the land of samba and bossa-nova – Bebel Gilberto!

Nothing can tell more about the music than the music itself!

So – the first video:


Sem Contencao:

My favourite – August Day Song:

And the last one – Bananeira:

Do you like it? Good, I am glad! :-).


B. Gilberto – official site

B. Gilberto – wikipedia

Have a nice day



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Massive Attack – A trip-hop legend

Well, this is my last post….. for this week :-).

I have grown on this band and thus, I can’t miss the opportunity to mention it here.

So – let’s straight down to the music 🙂

First song – Teardrop – really something!

The second one – Unfinished Sympathy:

A little bit depressive is Butterfly Caught:

And the last of from my selection – Live with me:

Hope those, who have not heard about it yet, will like it.


Massive attack – official site

Massive attack – wikipedia

Have a nice weekend!



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US3 – superb jazz-hiphop formation

Do you like jazz? Do you like hip-hop? Do you like music, which is really groovy?

Well, if at least one answer is YES, then stay here a check out the songs below!

The first one – the legendary Cantaloop:

The second one – Come on everybody – really groovy 🙂

But we are not finished yet – Get out! 🙂

Now, what about a little more sratching and hip-hop? – Modern fuckin’ jazz:

And the last one – Say you belong to me:

OK, that will be all for now. Hope you liked these songs and if no – sorry – maybe next time 😉


US3 – official site

US3 – wikipedia

See ya



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Radiohead – alternative mainstream

OK people! The time of coffee break is here and thus, I offer you another band to explore!

Won’t be writing here the introduction I wrote on my czech blog, since this is international version and therefore, it would be meaningless and for foreigners irrelevant.

So – I love this band – really. I grew on its songs. And if there are those who miss them, I offer you a quick introduction 🙂

Here we go!

The first song – legendary and heart-catching Pyramid Song:

Another one from the same album – You and whose army – the ending of this song gives me a real chill:

The third one – a somewhat older video – Street spirit (fade out):

And the last – famous song originated from three different ones – Paranoid Android:

So – did you like it?
Radiohead – official site
Radiohead – wikipedia
See ya
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Xploding Plastix

OK, the brand new day lies ahead of us, sun is shining, working morale is low (again 🙂 ), so why don’t we look at some videoclips?

Today, we have on list the Norwegian band – Exploding Plastix. Details can be found on the sites, where you can get by clicking on the links below..

So, let’s jump right into the music!

The first song is – Behind the Eightball:

The second one – Treat me mean, I need reputation:

And the last one – More power to yah:

Well, it wasn’t so easy-listening music, like the ones yesterday, was it? :-). But I hope, that some of you will like it.


Xploding Plastix – official site

Xploding Plastix – wikipedia

Have a nice day



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