Thom York

I wrote about this exceptionally talented and original musician and vocalist indirectly in my post about Radiohead.

Today, I would like to introduce some of his songs from his solo production.

His music is not easy to listen to. But, if you have enough patience to sink into it, you will be greatly rewarded!

The Eraser:

Harrowdown Hill:

Rabbit In Your Headlights (in collaboration with UNLE):

Black Swan:

Wanna know more?

T. York – wikipedia

T. York – The Eraser official site

T. York – Radiohead official site

T. York –

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Radiohead – alternative mainstream

OK people! The time of coffee break is here and thus, I offer you another band to explore!

Won’t be writing here the introduction I wrote on my czech blog, since this is international version and therefore, it would be meaningless and for foreigners irrelevant.

So – I love this band – really. I grew on its songs. And if there are those who miss them, I offer you a quick introduction 🙂

Here we go!

The first song – legendary and heart-catching Pyramid Song:

Another one from the same album – You and whose army – the ending of this song gives me a real chill:

The third one – a somewhat older video – Street spirit (fade out):

And the last – famous song originated from three different ones – Paranoid Android:

So – did you like it?
Radiohead – official site
Radiohead – wikipedia
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