Well, I would like to end this (work)week by mentioning the duo of (namely) electronic music – british band – Goldfrapp!

I like their music very much and Allison has a really astonishing voice – and even when singing live! 🙂

So, I will show you a few songs – the slow and kinda “fragile” ones – since these I like the most.

Happiness – nice song and nice video – wonder whether that guy really jumped all that way along 🙂

Hairy trees – one of the most favourite of mine – so gentle and yet strong…

Crystalline Green:



Eat yourself:

Road to somwhere:

Wanna know more?

Goldfrapp – official site

Goldfrapp – wikipedia

Have a nice weekend!



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Emilia Torrini – Iceland singer with really beautiful voice…

Well, what should I say, two posts in one day – obviously I am not in working mood today – but, so what?

Here I am introducing to all of you the great singer Emilia Torrini, who don’t know her yet.

There is a lot of informations on the link at the end of the post, so why can’t we jump right into the videos and songs, right? 🙂

All right – the first one is called Sunny Road:

Next one is called Dead Things:

The third and really nice one is Today has been okay:

And finally the last one, a little bit more electronic, is Hold your hand:

So, enjoy. I hope you will like her!
The link is here:
Emilia Torrini – Freebase alpha
Have a nice day
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Zero 7

It will be now probably a half a year, since I discovered this band (thanks goes to my spinning friend Alice!). And, although I know all of theirs songs almost word by word and note by note now, still it is my most favourite band. And the most suitable one for listening to before going to sleep :-).

So I told to myself, that it would not be so bad to tell about this band to all of you, who have not heard about it yet.

So, just for the start, I am offering a few YouTube clips (songs), just to show you, what is their music about:

Album “Simple things” – Destiny:

Album “Simple things” – In the waiting line:

Album “When it falls” – Home:

The first album – Simple thing – was released in 2001. It may be characterized as “downtempo”, but, in my opinion, it is only a approximative characteristics. I would describe it as the mix of great singing, live instruments and electronic sound.

My most favourites ones are Destiny, In the waiting line and Likufanele. But the others are great as well.

The second album – When it falls – was released in 2004. The character of the album is pretty similar to the previous one. My most favourite songs are Home, Morning Song and Somersault.

Especially Home is really something. The soul-freezing sing and vocal is astonishing.

The last album is Garden – released in 2006. Here, the sound and ambience is quite different from the previous albums.

Most favourite songs to me are Today, Crosses, This fine social scene.

And, at the end, I enclose some links, just for your convenience 🙂 :

Zero 7  – wikipedia

Zero 7 – official site

I hope you will enjoy this band…

Have a nice day



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