B. Innes – The history of torture

It’s difficult to start… I have spent the weekend with this book and I’ve got to say, that it is really something. My friend lent me this book. Originally, I just wanted to know something about how cruel could people be to each other in the Middle Ages, but this book is far more complex… And with today’s context of legally allowed torturing, its content is almost clairvoyante.

While reading this book, you will experience the excursion into the history and development of torturing. Not only across the time, but also across the regions and cultures of this planet.

But, do not expect, that you will find some detailed instructions how to torture people. Not at all. Author works primarily with the historical commentaries or detailed testimonies of the (survived) victims and with historical pictures or illustrations. There is only a few of really shocking photos or pictures.

But even only the description and testimonies of the victim are enough. And it is not surprising, that the roots of putting people to torture are things as, fear of the uncommon or unknown, paranoia, greed, lust for vengeance and, of course, the satisfaction of making people suffer.

So, if you want to know, how cruel have people been to each other, read this book. It does not take a long time to read it, but the impression it gives is really strong.

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M. Bulgakov – Master and Margarita

Yesterday evening – I found the book I read a lot of years ago – M. Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita. Altough I remember it almost word by word, I was swallowed up by it again…. And I can not stand up not to tell you my impressions of it….

Bulgakov started to write this book in the 20ties of the 20th century. Altough you could not tell it from the start, this novel eventually become a mirror of the life and namely the atmosphere in the Russia. Paranoia, suspicion against anything, that is seen to be uncommon. But the other (evergreen) characteristics of mankind are shown here – greed, jealousy, hypocrisy, false morale.

And what is this novel about? Simply put – there is a “black mage” Woland, who with his entourage arrive in the Moscow. This entourage comprises from 2 men (both of them are really weirdos 🙂 ), one tomcat, who can speak and walk and woman (who likes to walk around naked and does not like a sunshine much)… Very soon, the twisted marry-go-round of absurd, but humorous situations occur, sparkling with brilliant and completely unrestrained fantasy of the author. The another story-line appears – the story of last days of Jesus – but this story is really different from anything you could read before :-). And there is also a love-story of broken novelist and broken wife of russian scientist… Well, I guess, that is enough for the start…

This novel really deserves the mark of the one of most famous and brilliant novels of the 20th century. Although you may think, that it is not actual, the opposite is true…

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H. Murakami – Kafka on the shore

Kafka on the shore.

I spent a whole yesterday’s Easter Mondey sunk in the world of Murakami’s imaginative world. Concretely, I was submerged in his book “Kafka on the shore”, and since I am done with it, I have no choice, but to share my impressions of this book.

Simply put – this novel is absolutely fantastic. The story of fifteen year old school-boy, who wants to become “the strongest fifteen year old boy in the world”, and genial simpleton Mr. Tanaki, who is able to speak with cats and can summon a rain of fish or leeches is simply wonderful.

The storyline is not so straight-lined melancholic, or even depressive, such as Norwegian Wood or South of the border, West of the sun, but some faint melancholia is present and underlines the whole story. The foreboding of the loss of someone near and dear is there…. and this foreboding will eventually come true.

The author’s imagination is really something… I think, that the character of Col. Saunders (the mascot of KFC 🙂 ) will make me laugh for a long time in the future. As well as dialogues between Mr. Tanaki and cats…

This novel is really something. It is a novel with big N, which I have to recommend to all of you, who wants to get something special and maybe find piece of yourself in the storyline.

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