YouTube – the best videos of the year 2007


I watch YouTube videos almost never, just because I do not have enough time to mess about with tons of non-interesting videos. Luckily, there is lot of people who do this job for (or better instead) me :-), so today, I was able to enjoy the best 2007′ videos.

The videos I enjoyed the most were Laughing Baby, Potter Puppet Pals, excelent commentary Lonely Girl is dead 🙂 (really cool stuff). Stop the Clash of Civilizations was the most “catchy” for me, it really made the impression on me.

So, I have to recommend you to see these videos – I bet, that everyone of you will find at least one, which will like it.

And, just for the convenience – here is the link:

Have a good one.

The Czech version can be found here: