The Commitments…

the Irish are black people of the Europe. And people from Dublin are the blacks of the Ireland :-).

This movie about the bunch of friends, musicians and singers, who want to break-trough and become the famous band of white-soul, is simply great!

It is filled with humorous dialogues, jokes and, of course, with the huge load of excellent soul music!

I have to thank to my girlfried D. who showed me this movie – missing this piece-of-art would be a terrible mistake!

So – listen to the soundtrack and let me know, whether you like it!

List of songs:

  1. Mustang Sally
  2. Take Me to The River
  3. Chain of Fools
  4. The Dark End of The Street
  5. Destination Anywhere
  6. I can’t Stand The Rain
  7. Try a Little Tenderness
  8. Treat Her Right
  9. Do Right Woman Do Right Man
  10. Mr. Pitiful
  11. I Never Loved a Man
  12. In The Midnight Our
  13. Bye Bye Baby
  14. Slip Away

Video – Mustang Sally

(do you know the guitarist? 🙂 )

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I am really sorry for that, but I cannot do anything..


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Quantic (Soul Orchestra)

Will Holland is really good and talented musician. Despite of his young age he has made or produced a lot of really good music and most of it is really worthy of listening.

So – shall we listen? 🙂


Life in the Rain:


Walkin’ Trough Tomorrow:


Pushin’ On:

Get a Move On:

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Quantic –

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Amy Winehouse

It is most likely, that most of you have heard about this singer – articles about her drug problems and addictions has been filling newspapers and news sites quite regulary and frequently. But still, although it seems, that Amy will sooner or later destroy herself, her voice and talent are incredible. So, forget all those drugs related news and concentrate on the music.

First and I believe well known single – Rehab:

Second – You know I’m No Good:

And the last one – Tears Dry on Their Own:

Whenever I hear her songs, I am really sorry for her. For the fact, that she is killing herself and her incredible talent as well. If you wanna see how is she singing being drunk or high – suit your self – you will find a lot of that shit on the YouTube.

Wanna know more?

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