Cassandra Wilson…

is a woman with really wonderful, soft, smooth and a bit of dark voice. I really love her songs and singing. She sings jazz and kinda bluesy songs and she is really good at singing these.

So, I will show you a few songs from her latest album, Thunderbird (2006).

Go to Mexico:

It would be so easy:



Wanna know more?

C. Wilson – official site

C. Wilson – wikipedia

C. Wilson –




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Jimi Hendrix – my guitar GOD!

So, I have a really special musician today – Jimi Hendrix!

When I was playing a guitar quite intensive in the past, I remember me and my brother trying to figure out Jimi’s riffs :-).

Well, I am afraid that I am not able to play them for some time.. but my brother still can :-).

So, let me show you a few Jimi’s songs to show to all of you, that he was really something!

Well, the first song – Crosstown Traffic – short, but full of energy:

The next one – legendary Woodoo Chile – the introductionary riff was actually the thing, that lead me to the Jimi’s music:

Purple Haze:

One of my most favourite songs – Machine Gun:

And the last one – pure and really nice blues – Red House:

You wanna know more?

J. Hendrix – official site

J. Hendrix – wikipedia

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Primal Scream

Well, today, I will show you another of my favourite bands – Primal Scream.

So, here we go – few songs to show you their music:

First one – Movin’ on up – this song means really something to me… but that’s kinda personal, you know 😉

Second song – Country Girl – unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find some studio versions of other songs from album Riot City Blues – pity, since there are better ones than this 😦

This video cannot be embedded – so link is here.

And the last one for this band – Higher than the Sun:

If you like it, I am glad 🙂


Primal Scream – official site

Primal Scream – wikipedia




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