Erik Truffaz..

is simply a trumpet wizard!!

What can he do with it is sometimes simply unbelievable!!

If there is someone, who goes beyond the “traditional” jazz borders, than it is him!

This musician, originally born in Switzerland charmed me when I had been studying at college. Ask my roommates, who had to suffer long hours listening to this music 🙂

OK – let’s go deep in it!

First – as always – audio:

Album “The Dawn”:

  1. Bukowsky
  2. Yuri’s Choice
  3. The Dawn
  4. Wet in Paris
  5. Slim Picings
  6. Round Trip
  7. The Mask
  8. Freestylin’

Like that?

So – check out these videos!

Yuri’s Choice:

The Walk on The Giant Turtle:

Red Cloud:


Wanna know more?

E. Truffaz – official site

E. Truffaz – wikipedia

E. Truffaz –

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Jon Kennedy

Well, and here we have another really good and talented musician – Jon Kennedy from UK ( I guess 🙂 ).

His music can be easily recognized by typical mixing of different styles of music – creating a musical mixture, which is really addictive!

But – try it for yourself!



Tell me how you feel (Bonobo mix):

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Wanna know more?

Jon Kennedy –

Have a nice weekend!



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Jimi Hendrix – my guitar GOD!

So, I have a really special musician today – Jimi Hendrix!

When I was playing a guitar quite intensive in the past, I remember me and my brother trying to figure out Jimi’s riffs :-).

Well, I am afraid that I am not able to play them for some time.. but my brother still can :-).

So, let me show you a few Jimi’s songs to show to all of you, that he was really something!

Well, the first song – Crosstown Traffic – short, but full of energy:

The next one – legendary Woodoo Chile – the introductionary riff was actually the thing, that lead me to the Jimi’s music:

Purple Haze:

One of my most favourite songs – Machine Gun:

And the last one – pure and really nice blues – Red House:

You wanna know more?

J. Hendrix – official site

J. Hendrix – wikipedia

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