Cassandra Wilson…

is a woman with really wonderful, soft, smooth and a bit of dark voice. I really love her songs and singing. She sings jazz and kinda bluesy songs and she is really good at singing these.

So, I will show you a few songs from her latest album, Thunderbird (2006).

Go to Mexico:

It would be so easy:



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C. Wilson – official site

C. Wilson – wikipedia

C. Wilson –




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The Cinematic Orchestra

Well, I guess that it is time to put here some (modern!) jazz again.

Take some really good instrumentalists, add singer with beautiful voice, mix it to get a deep, multi-layered sound – and voilá – you have UK band The Cinematic Orchestra!

To Build A Home:

All That You Give:

That Home:

Into You:

Familiar Grounds:

Wanna know more?

TCO – official site

TCO – wikipedia

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St. Germain

Today, I suddenly remembered one really good music – electro-nu-jazz from St. Germain (aka Ludovic Navarre). I used to listen to his song really often back in my college years… and still, when working or relaxing, I play it sometimes..

So – maybe some of you will find it interesting as I did..

Sure Thing:

So Flute:

Deep In It:

Rose Rouge:

Montego Bay Spleen:

Thank You Mum:

Wanna know More?

St. Germain – official site

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St. Germain –

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