Blood Sugar Sex Magic…

Is the only album from Red Hots, which I like almost the whole.

In my opinion, they are the best when making and playing funky and full of energy songs. But their slow, over-sweeted songs are simply terrible to me!!!!

So – I picked up a few songs, which I can listen to anytime 🙂

List of songs:

  1. Give It Away
  2. Blood Sugar Sex Magic
  3. Under The Bridge
  4. My Friends
  5. Dani California

Wanna know more?

RHCP – official site

RHCP – wikipedia


Have a nice weekend – will be back at Wednesday! 🙂



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is one of the really few hip-hop formations I like enough to listen to…

Altough they have been disbanded for a few years, since the shot of the one of their members, their music is good enough to listen to, even nowadays..

So – here is the selection of my most favourite pieces…

List of the played tracks:

  1. Beats To The Rhyme
  2. Can You Rock Like This
  3. It’s Like That
  4. It’s Tricky
  5. Rock This Way (coop with Aerosmith)
  6. You Talk Too Much

Wanna know more?

RunDMC – official site

RunDMC – wikipedia

RunDMC –

Have a nice day!



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Rage Against the Machine…

probably the richest, yet leftist band of the world :-D.

The made a few excellent albums – which music is reeeealy kicking!!!!

So, I couldn’t do anything else, than to celebrate them here, at least 😀

So – here is the list of the played songs:

  1. Guerilla Radio
  2. Calm As a Bomb
  3. Microphone Fiend
  4. Renegades – way coool 😀
  5. How You Could Just Kill a Man

Wanna know more?

RATM – official site

RATM – wikipedia

RATM – allmusic


See ya!



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Pearl Jam..

is, together with Nirvana and Soundgarden, the music of my teen years :-).

My passion for Nirvana quite naturally have been fading after that, but Pearl Jam and Soundgarden are still highly addictive to me.

So – I picked a few songs – kind of selection of my most favourite albums – see, how much did they change since their grunge origin….

So – here is the list:

  1. Once
  2. Even Flow
  3. Oceans
  4. In My Tree
  5. Off He Goes
  6. Light Years
  7. Insignificance
  8. Grievance
  9. Rival

Wanna know more?

Pearl Jam – official site

Pearl Jam – wikipedia

Pearl Jam –

Pearl Jam – MySpace

Have a nice Monday!



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is, unfortunately for quite years deceased, band from my hometown, Kyjov (Czech republic 🙂 ).

I really got high when listening to their songs when I was younger :-). But still, their peculiar and progressive sound is worthy of listening even nowadays….

So – shall we?

Here is the list of the songs, as they are being played:

  1. Trapja Zlé
  2. Štěstelína
  3. Kráká Láska

Wanna know more?

Narajama – official site (even not updated for a few years..)

Narajama –

Have a nice weekend!



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Mari Boine Persen…

is a Norwegian, and by no means a mainstream singer. She mixed the language and singing style of her native Sami culture with jazz and rock.

However, I like the remixes of her songs even more.

So – I put here the set of two complete albums of these remixes.


Wanna know more?

M. Boine – wikipedia

M. Boine –

M. Boine – official site

M. Boine – MySpace

Have a nice day!



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Thom York

I wrote about this exceptionally talented and original musician and vocalist indirectly in my post about Radiohead.

Today, I would like to introduce some of his songs from his solo production.

His music is not easy to listen to. But, if you have enough patience to sink into it, you will be greatly rewarded!

The Eraser:

Harrowdown Hill:

Rabbit In Your Headlights (in collaboration with UNLE):

Black Swan:

Wanna know more?

T. York – wikipedia

T. York – The Eraser official site

T. York – Radiohead official site

T. York –

Have a nice weekend!



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