is, unfortunately for quite years deceased, band from my hometown, Kyjov (Czech republic 🙂 ).

I really got high when listening to their songs when I was younger :-). But still, their peculiar and progressive sound is worthy of listening even nowadays….

So – shall we?

Here is the list of the songs, as they are being played:

  1. Trapja Zlé
  2. Štěstelína
  3. Kráká Láska

Wanna know more?

Narajama – official site (even not updated for a few years..)

Narajama –

Have a nice weekend!



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is a band from Belgium, which is still one of my most favourite bands. I really enjoyed them during my college years. And still, when I have the right mood, I put them into my cd player and submerge into this hypnotic music…

So – shall we listen?

Oh and one more thing – from now on, I will put the selected songs here in one track. First – it saves the space onto my upload server. Second – you will not have to click on the each song to play it. Just click once and enjoy all of them.

So – here is the list of the songs:


  1. Mad About You
  2. Battersea
  3. Someone
  4. Out of Time
  5. Inhaler


Wanna know more?

Hooverphonic – wikipedia

Hooverphonic –

Hooverphonic – official site

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Jon Kennedy

Well, and here we have another really good and talented musician – Jon Kennedy from UK ( I guess 🙂 ).

His music can be easily recognized by typical mixing of different styles of music – creating a musical mixture, which is really addictive!

But – try it for yourself!



Tell me how you feel (Bonobo mix):

embedding disabled – hit this link

Wanna know more?

Jon Kennedy –

Have a nice weekend!



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Thom York

I wrote about this exceptionally talented and original musician and vocalist indirectly in my post about Radiohead.

Today, I would like to introduce some of his songs from his solo production.

His music is not easy to listen to. But, if you have enough patience to sink into it, you will be greatly rewarded!

The Eraser:

Harrowdown Hill:

Rabbit In Your Headlights (in collaboration with UNLE):

Black Swan:

Wanna know more?

T. York – wikipedia

T. York – The Eraser official site

T. York – Radiohead official site

T. York –

Have a nice weekend!



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Today, I have for you, unfortunately for some time deceased UK band – Moloko!

The first time I saw them was on the also deceased TV channel Viva 2, which was airing their live concert. It really was something! I recorded them and watch their live show over and over again.. They were so full of energy and funny…

So – to all of you, who have not heard any of their songs yet I put a few videos here – I hope you’ll like them.

The Time is Now (for D.! 😉 ):

Sing It Back:

Familiar Feeling:


Pure Pleasure Seeker:

The Flipside:

Wanna know more?

Moloko – official site

Moloko – wikipedia

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Beastie Boys – only a hip-hop? No way!! :-)

Yup, Beastie Boys being a legendary formation for quite a long time, are not only about a hip-hop.

Even their last album – The Mix Up – is my most favourite one, of course with some singles from their previous albums. But as a whole – this one is the best to me!

These guys are simply great and I have to put them here to my music articles serie.

So – the first one – legendary and goddamn good video and music as well – Sabotage!

And yet another video, which deserves to be here – (You Gotta) Fight For You Right (To Party):

And now – the instrumental ones from their last album The Mix Up:

First – Off the Grid – namely the second half of this song is really something!

The Rat Cage:

Electric Worm:

And the final piece – quite good combination of Now Get Busy song and fan-clip of really great anime Samurai Champloo (recommend to all of you, who like Cowboy Bebop):

Wanna know more?

Beastie Boys – official site

Beastie Boys – wikipedia

Have a nice day (the last workday! 🙂 )



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Norah Jones – girl with a really sweet voice

I really like her and her songs.

Although I have to have a right mood to listen these songs, they are really wonderfull. So calm and yet so strong. So gentle and yet carrying a great power.

But, enough of speaking, let’s go to the music!

Nightingale – do not mind the video, only the song is important 🙂

The Nearness of You – especially for D. 😉 (I love you!)

Turn me on:

Don’t know why:


Do you want to know more?

N. Jones – official site

N. Jones – wikipedia

See ya



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