Erik Truffaz..

is simply a trumpet wizard!!

What can he do with it is sometimes simply unbelievable!!

If there is someone, who goes beyond the “traditional” jazz borders, than it is him!

This musician, originally born in Switzerland charmed me when I had been studying at college. Ask my roommates, who had to suffer long hours listening to this music 🙂

OK – let’s go deep in it!

First – as always – audio:

Album “The Dawn”:

  1. Bukowsky
  2. Yuri’s Choice
  3. The Dawn
  4. Wet in Paris
  5. Slim Picings
  6. Round Trip
  7. The Mask
  8. Freestylin’

Like that?

So – check out these videos!

Yuri’s Choice:

The Walk on The Giant Turtle:

Red Cloud:


Wanna know more?

E. Truffaz – official site

E. Truffaz – wikipedia

E. Truffaz –

Have a nice day!



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Soulivemeans really cool and catchy jazz-funky music!!

I really like the music made by these guys – it makes me almost spin on my office chair 🙂 😉

So – today I will make a mix for you.

One whole album as audio and few videos (mainly live shows).

So, let’s go deep in it!

First, their album – Doin’ Something:

And here we have some videos:

Second Genesis:



By Your Side:


Wanna know more?

Soulive – official site

Soulive – wikipedia

Soulive –

See ya!



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Mari Boine Persen…

is a Norwegian, and by no means a mainstream singer. She mixed the language and singing style of her native Sami culture with jazz and rock.

However, I like the remixes of her songs even more.

So – I put here the set of two complete albums of these remixes.


Wanna know more?

M. Boine – wikipedia

M. Boine –

M. Boine – official site

M. Boine – MySpace

Have a nice day!



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Cassandra Wilson…

is a woman with really wonderful, soft, smooth and a bit of dark voice. I really love her songs and singing. She sings jazz and kinda bluesy songs and she is really good at singing these.

So, I will show you a few songs from her latest album, Thunderbird (2006).

Go to Mexico:

It would be so easy:



Wanna know more?

C. Wilson – official site

C. Wilson – wikipedia

C. Wilson –




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The Cinematic Orchestra

Well, I guess that it is time to put here some (modern!) jazz again.

Take some really good instrumentalists, add singer with beautiful voice, mix it to get a deep, multi-layered sound – and voilá – you have UK band The Cinematic Orchestra!

To Build A Home:

All That You Give:

That Home:

Into You:

Familiar Grounds:

Wanna know more?

TCO – official site

TCO – wikipedia

Have a nice Monday!



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St. Germain

Today, I suddenly remembered one really good music – electro-nu-jazz from St. Germain (aka Ludovic Navarre). I used to listen to his song really often back in my college years… and still, when working or relaxing, I play it sometimes..

So – maybe some of you will find it interesting as I did..

Sure Thing:

So Flute:

Deep In It:

Rose Rouge:

Montego Bay Spleen:

Thank You Mum:

Wanna know More?

St. Germain – official site

St. Germain – wikipedia

St. Germain – Allmusic

St. Germain –

See Ya!



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Quantic (Soul Orchestra)

Will Holland is really good and talented musician. Despite of his young age he has made or produced a lot of really good music and most of it is really worthy of listening.

So – shall we listen? 🙂


Life in the Rain:


Walkin’ Trough Tomorrow:


Pushin’ On:

Get a Move On:

Wanna know more?

Quantic – official site

Quantic – wikipedia

Quantic –

Have a nice day!



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Beastie Boys – only a hip-hop? No way!! :-)

Yup, Beastie Boys being a legendary formation for quite a long time, are not only about a hip-hop.

Even their last album – The Mix Up – is my most favourite one, of course with some singles from their previous albums. But as a whole – this one is the best to me!

These guys are simply great and I have to put them here to my music articles serie.

So – the first one – legendary and goddamn good video and music as well – Sabotage!

And yet another video, which deserves to be here – (You Gotta) Fight For You Right (To Party):

And now – the instrumental ones from their last album The Mix Up:

First – Off the Grid – namely the second half of this song is really something!

The Rat Cage:

Electric Worm:

And the final piece – quite good combination of Now Get Busy song and fan-clip of really great anime Samurai Champloo (recommend to all of you, who like Cowboy Bebop):

Wanna know more?

Beastie Boys – official site

Beastie Boys – wikipedia

Have a nice day (the last workday! 🙂 )



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Norah Jones – girl with a really sweet voice

I really like her and her songs.

Although I have to have a right mood to listen these songs, they are really wonderfull. So calm and yet so strong. So gentle and yet carrying a great power.

But, enough of speaking, let’s go to the music!

Nightingale – do not mind the video, only the song is important 🙂

The Nearness of You – especially for D. 😉 (I love you!)

Turn me on:

Don’t know why:


Do you want to know more?

N. Jones – official site

N. Jones – wikipedia

See ya



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Bonobo – really nice, relaxing music

Today I have for you a really nice, chillout music, which is good for relaxation but also it is nice musical background when you are working 🙂

But, let music speak for itself!

First song – Scuba – really nice!

Second – Recurring – if you know Lemon Jelly, you should recognize this musical motive – it was used in one of theirs songs 🙂

Next one – The plug:


And the last one – Sugar Rhyme:

Did you like it?


Bonobo – official site

Bonobo – wikipedia

Have a nice day!



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