Hi again!

The weather is still not as nice as I would like it to be, there is no deadline pressing me into steady work :-), so I decided to share a few song of my next favourite band – AIR 🙂

Don’t wanna describe here this band – there are some links at the end of this post serving for this purpose.

Just want to show you some of my most favourite songs and hopefully, show to some of you, who don’t know this great band, these artists.

So, here we go!

The first song – The Vagabond – if there will be some of you, who has a feeling, that the voice and partially the music as well are very similar to Beck – yup, you are right – it’s him!

The second one – Don’t be light – nice thing and quite different from the previous one.

Let us continue – All I need – beautiful music with wonderful voice.

And the last one is – Run.

Ok, I hope that you liked them. And, if at least one of you find him(her)self interested in this band, I am glad.


Air – official site

Air – wikipedia

Have a nice day



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