Soulivemeans really cool and catchy jazz-funky music!!

I really like the music made by these guys – it makes me almost spin on my office chair 🙂 😉

So – today I will make a mix for you.

One whole album as audio and few videos (mainly live shows).

So, let’s go deep in it!

First, their album – Doin’ Something:

And here we have some videos:

Second Genesis:



By Your Side:


Wanna know more?

Soulive – official site

Soulive – wikipedia

Soulive –

See ya!



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Blood Sugar Sex Magic…

Is the only album from Red Hots, which I like almost the whole.

In my opinion, they are the best when making and playing funky and full of energy songs. But their slow, over-sweeted songs are simply terrible to me!!!!

So – I picked up a few songs, which I can listen to anytime 🙂

List of songs:

  1. Give It Away
  2. Blood Sugar Sex Magic
  3. Under The Bridge
  4. My Friends
  5. Dani California

Wanna know more?

RHCP – official site

RHCP – wikipedia


Have a nice weekend – will be back at Wednesday! 🙂



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