The heroes of mine 2. – Jay and Silent Bob…

These guys are simply fantastic! One only talks about sex, wanking, smoking weed and woman, the other one usually says 2-3 replies in the whole film…

It is, as said the guy, who wanted to buy some weed in Clerks 2: “I like them – they are funny”.

This couple was created by the imagination of the Kevin Smith – screenwriter, director, actor, producer…

This couple of funny drug-dealers was present in almost all of the Kevin’s films.

Their childish, sarcastic, ironic and sometimes gross humour is great and real fun.

And since this blog is about them, I will put here a few videos – I hope you will like them and maybe you will see the films – they are way cool, believe me!

So here we go – Fucking Short Version of the Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back!

Second – Jay’s Rap – Clerks II:

Third – Jay is dancing – Clerks II (btw. a great parody of the famous scene from the film…. guess – which one? 🙂 ):

Fourth – A few cuts from the Clerks II:

Fifth – great Mark Hamill (Luke – “Don’t fuck with the Jadi Master, son!”) – clash of the light sabers – Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back!:

Sixth – Olaf’s Berserker – Clerks I. :

And – bonus – the cool and accurately ironic and sarcastic – “porch-monkey” scene from the Clerks II:

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The Commitments…

the Irish are black people of the Europe. And people from Dublin are the blacks of the Ireland :-).

This movie about the bunch of friends, musicians and singers, who want to break-trough and become the famous band of white-soul, is simply great!

It is filled with humorous dialogues, jokes and, of course, with the huge load of excellent soul music!

I have to thank to my girlfried D. who showed me this movie – missing this piece-of-art would be a terrible mistake!

So – listen to the soundtrack and let me know, whether you like it!

List of songs:

  1. Mustang Sally
  2. Take Me to The River
  3. Chain of Fools
  4. The Dark End of The Street
  5. Destination Anywhere
  6. I can’t Stand The Rain
  7. Try a Little Tenderness
  8. Treat Her Right
  9. Do Right Woman Do Right Man
  10. Mr. Pitiful
  11. I Never Loved a Man
  12. In The Midnight Our
  13. Bye Bye Baby
  14. Slip Away

Video – Mustang Sally

(do you know the guitarist? 🙂 )

Wanna know more?

The Commitments – Internet Movie Database

The Commitments – Wikipedia

The Commitments –

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Since one of my audio servers changed the policy and do not provide direct links, all of my musical blogs, which were linked to this server are dead…. If you try to play the songs and you will see “Error opening file”, this is the case…
I am really sorry for that, but I cannot do anything..


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“Heroes” of mine 1. – colonel Flag

Is there any of you, who doesn’t know the one of the most famous TV series in the history? :-). I doubt it…

Well, MASH, although it is quite old piece, is still excellent, even nowadays. It is my favourite background, when I came back from work. And one of my most favourite characters is Colonel Flag – super-ultra-cool agent from CIA (or CIC, or CID… 😀 )

He is an excellent parody of agents from various intelligence units, US’ ultra-patriotism, military “logic” and of “green brains”.

Let me show you some examples of really cool and funny dialoques!

Example no. 1 – episode with “Jesus”:

Margharet: “You are the man, colonel Flag!”.

Flag: “Indeed, I am..”


Flag: “This job needs the right man with shovel, who knows, where to dig…”

Burns: “Hardly we could find a better man…”

Margharet: “Or the bigger shovel…”

Example no. 2 – episode with “clash of the secret agents”:

Flag: “Can I trust you, Pierce?” “Actually, I am not from CIA. I am from CIC. I keep telling this just to confuse the people, who believes, that I am from CID..”

Example no. 3 and the last one – a few replies from various episodes:

Flag: “Tell me that one more time and I am entitled to … [flicks over his diary] .. to bite off your left ear!”


Flag: “Turn the lights off!”

Potter: “Why?”

Flag: “I am like a sand-wind. I come and leave without being noticed by nobody”

Potter: “Nobody will turn off the lights!”

Flag: “If you don’t turn them off, I won’t leave!”

Everybody in colonel office: “Turn the off!!!!”

Dark… then clinking of the broken glass…

Hawkeye standing next to window: “The sand-wind has just broken his leg…”

Ain’t it funny???? 😀

Well, see ya!


P.S. These replies were translated from the Czech version, so the original version will be most likely slightly different…


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Shaun the Sheep

To all of you, who have not heard about the great Shaun the Sheep series yet!

For all of you, I simply add a few videos, just to attract you. Another ones can be found in YouTube database.

Here is the first one:

And here is the second one – really cool:

So, if some of you found themselves to be interested about – great and enjoy the other videos!

Finally, I would like to thank to the reader of this blog, who told me about this funny “cartoon”. Thanks – really!

Have a nice day



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