are (or better were) a UK electronic band, which became famous with their single Spybreak, used in the famous Matrix lobby scene.

But the whole album – Decksanddrumsandrockandroll is worth of notice. So, I will put a few singles here, just if there was somebody, who does not know them.

In her majesty’s secret service:


Take California:


Bang On!:

History Repeating:

Wanna know more?

Propellerheads – wikipedia

Propellerheads –

See ya!



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Eagle-Eye Cherry…

This guy is an american-swedish musician and singer. And he is quite good in both. So – why don’t you listen to few of his songs?

Maybe you’ll like them…

Crashing Down:

It is up to you:


Skull Tattoo:

Wanna know more?

E.-A. Cherry – official site

E.-A. Cherry – wikipedia

E.-A. Cherry –

Have a nice day!



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Cassandra Wilson…

is a woman with really wonderful, soft, smooth and a bit of dark voice. I really love her songs and singing. She sings jazz and kinda bluesy songs and she is really good at singing these.

So, I will show you a few songs from her latest album, Thunderbird (2006).

Go to Mexico:

It would be so easy:



Wanna know more?

C. Wilson – official site

C. Wilson – wikipedia

C. Wilson –




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Jon Kennedy

Well, and here we have another really good and talented musician – Jon Kennedy from UK ( I guess 🙂 ).

His music can be easily recognized by typical mixing of different styles of music – creating a musical mixture, which is really addictive!

But – try it for yourself!



Tell me how you feel (Bonobo mix):

embedding disabled – hit this link

Wanna know more?

Jon Kennedy –

Have a nice weekend!



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Sneaker Pimps

Well, here we have another of my favourite bands – British Sneaker Pimps! (Thanks Alice!)

Their music is mostly marked as electropop, but that could be slightly misleading. But still, they have been using electronic sounds and effects quite a lot.

Their music is really interesting and worthy of listening… but you may find it kinda slightly disturbing… See for yourself!

Low Place Like Home:

Spin Spin Sugar:

Post Modern Sleaze:

Low Fire:

Six Underground:

Loretta Young Silks:

Wanna know more?

Sneaker Pimps – official site

Sneaker Pimps – wikipedia

See ya!



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“Heroes” of mine 1. – colonel Flag

Is there any of you, who doesn’t know the one of the most famous TV series in the history? :-). I doubt it…

Well, MASH, although it is quite old piece, is still excellent, even nowadays. It is my favourite background, when I came back from work. And one of my most favourite characters is Colonel Flag – super-ultra-cool agent from CIA (or CIC, or CID… 😀 )

He is an excellent parody of agents from various intelligence units, US’ ultra-patriotism, military “logic” and of “green brains”.

Let me show you some examples of really cool and funny dialoques!

Example no. 1 – episode with “Jesus”:

Margharet: “You are the man, colonel Flag!”.

Flag: “Indeed, I am..”


Flag: “This job needs the right man with shovel, who knows, where to dig…”

Burns: “Hardly we could find a better man…”

Margharet: “Or the bigger shovel…”

Example no. 2 – episode with “clash of the secret agents”:

Flag: “Can I trust you, Pierce?” “Actually, I am not from CIA. I am from CIC. I keep telling this just to confuse the people, who believes, that I am from CID..”

Example no. 3 and the last one – a few replies from various episodes:

Flag: “Tell me that one more time and I am entitled to … [flicks over his diary] .. to bite off your left ear!”


Flag: “Turn the lights off!”

Potter: “Why?”

Flag: “I am like a sand-wind. I come and leave without being noticed by nobody”

Potter: “Nobody will turn off the lights!”

Flag: “If you don’t turn them off, I won’t leave!”

Everybody in colonel office: “Turn the off!!!!”

Dark… then clinking of the broken glass…

Hawkeye standing next to window: “The sand-wind has just broken his leg…”

Ain’t it funny???? 😀

Well, see ya!


P.S. These replies were translated from the Czech version, so the original version will be most likely slightly different…


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The Cinematic Orchestra

Well, I guess that it is time to put here some (modern!) jazz again.

Take some really good instrumentalists, add singer with beautiful voice, mix it to get a deep, multi-layered sound – and voilá – you have UK band The Cinematic Orchestra!

To Build A Home:

All That You Give:

That Home:

Into You:

Familiar Grounds:

Wanna know more?

TCO – official site

TCO – wikipedia

Have a nice Monday!



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Kate Bush

Kate Bush is simply a wonderful and great singer! I registered her for first time by listening to her latest album Aerial (2005) and also thanks to my friend Susan (thanks!). This lady from UK is really something and if you have not heard about her yet, you have a chance to change that!

It would be a really shame to miss her and her wonderful songs!

So – here we go!

Somwhere in Between:

link (embedding disabled 😦 ).

King of the Mountain:

Pi (aka How to make a nice song just by singing along the digits behind the decimal point):

An Architect’s Dream:


A coral room (this one is really something!):


Wanna know more?

K. Bush – official site

K. Bush – wikipedia

Have a nice day!



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Alif tree

Alif Tree is the name of the project of french DJ. It is really magnificient mix of various musical styles… I really like it!!

Pity, there are only 2 videos 😦

And I cannot put here some mp3, since I do not have a Upgraded acces to WP…

So – I hope that even these only two videos will attract you…


Forgotten Places:

I recommend also: Deadly Species, Enough, I Feel Blue.

Wanna know more?

Alif Tree –

Alif Tree –

See ya!



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Thom York

I wrote about this exceptionally talented and original musician and vocalist indirectly in my post about Radiohead.

Today, I would like to introduce some of his songs from his solo production.

His music is not easy to listen to. But, if you have enough patience to sink into it, you will be greatly rewarded!

The Eraser:

Harrowdown Hill:

Rabbit In Your Headlights (in collaboration with UNLE):

Black Swan:

Wanna know more?

T. York – wikipedia

T. York – The Eraser official site

T. York – Radiohead official site

T. York –

Have a nice weekend!



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