are (or better were) a UK electronic band, which became famous with their single Spybreak, used in the famous Matrix lobby scene.

But the whole album – Decksanddrumsandrockandroll is worth of notice. So, I will put a few singles here, just if there was somebody, who does not know them.

In her majesty’s secret service:


Take California:


Bang On!:

History Repeating:

Wanna know more?

Propellerheads – wikipedia

Propellerheads –

See ya!



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Eagle-Eye Cherry…

This guy is an american-swedish musician and singer. And he is quite good in both. So – why don’t you listen to few of his songs?

Maybe you’ll like them…

Crashing Down:

It is up to you:


Skull Tattoo:

Wanna know more?

E.-A. Cherry – official site

E.-A. Cherry – wikipedia

E.-A. Cherry –

Have a nice day!



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Cassandra Wilson…

is a woman with really wonderful, soft, smooth and a bit of dark voice. I really love her songs and singing. She sings jazz and kinda bluesy songs and she is really good at singing these.

So, I will show you a few songs from her latest album, Thunderbird (2006).

Go to Mexico:

It would be so easy:



Wanna know more?

C. Wilson – official site

C. Wilson – wikipedia

C. Wilson –




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Jon Kennedy

Well, and here we have another really good and talented musician – Jon Kennedy from UK ( I guess 🙂 ).

His music can be easily recognized by typical mixing of different styles of music – creating a musical mixture, which is really addictive!

But – try it for yourself!



Tell me how you feel (Bonobo mix):

embedding disabled – hit this link

Wanna know more?

Jon Kennedy –

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Sneaker Pimps

Well, here we have another of my favourite bands – British Sneaker Pimps! (Thanks Alice!)

Their music is mostly marked as electropop, but that could be slightly misleading. But still, they have been using electronic sounds and effects quite a lot.

Their music is really interesting and worthy of listening… but you may find it kinda slightly disturbing… See for yourself!

Low Place Like Home:

Spin Spin Sugar:

Post Modern Sleaze:

Low Fire:

Six Underground:

Loretta Young Silks:

Wanna know more?

Sneaker Pimps – official site

Sneaker Pimps – wikipedia

See ya!



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“Heroes” of mine 1. – colonel Flag

Is there any of you, who doesn’t know the one of the most famous TV series in the history? :-). I doubt it…

Well, MASH, although it is quite old piece, is still excellent, even nowadays. It is my favourite background, when I came back from work. And one of my most favourite characters is Colonel Flag – super-ultra-cool agent from CIA (or CIC, or CID… 😀 )

He is an excellent parody of agents from various intelligence units, US’ ultra-patriotism, military “logic” and of “green brains”.

Let me show you some examples of really cool and funny dialoques!

Example no. 1 – episode with “Jesus”:

Margharet: “You are the man, colonel Flag!”.

Flag: “Indeed, I am..”


Flag: “This job needs the right man with shovel, who knows, where to dig…”

Burns: “Hardly we could find a better man…”

Margharet: “Or the bigger shovel…”

Example no. 2 – episode with “clash of the secret agents”:

Flag: “Can I trust you, Pierce?” “Actually, I am not from CIA. I am from CIC. I keep telling this just to confuse the people, who believes, that I am from CID..”

Example no. 3 and the last one – a few replies from various episodes:

Flag: “Tell me that one more time and I am entitled to … [flicks over his diary] .. to bite off your left ear!”


Flag: “Turn the lights off!”

Potter: “Why?”

Flag: “I am like a sand-wind. I come and leave without being noticed by nobody”

Potter: “Nobody will turn off the lights!”

Flag: “If you don’t turn them off, I won’t leave!”

Everybody in colonel office: “Turn the off!!!!”

Dark… then clinking of the broken glass…

Hawkeye standing next to window: “The sand-wind has just broken his leg…”

Ain’t it funny???? 😀

Well, see ya!


P.S. These replies were translated from the Czech version, so the original version will be most likely slightly different…


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The Cinematic Orchestra

Well, I guess that it is time to put here some (modern!) jazz again.

Take some really good instrumentalists, add singer with beautiful voice, mix it to get a deep, multi-layered sound – and voilá – you have UK band The Cinematic Orchestra!

To Build A Home:

All That You Give:

That Home:

Into You:

Familiar Grounds:

Wanna know more?

TCO – official site

TCO – wikipedia

Have a nice Monday!



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