is, unfortunately for quite years deceased, band from my hometown, Kyjov (Czech republic 🙂 ).

I really got high when listening to their songs when I was younger :-). But still, their peculiar and progressive sound is worthy of listening even nowadays….

So – shall we?

Here is the list of the songs, as they are being played:

  1. Trapja Zlé
  2. Štěstelína
  3. Kráká Láska

Wanna know more?

Narajama – official site (even not updated for a few years..)

Narajama –

Have a nice weekend!



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Radiohead – alternative mainstream

OK people! The time of coffee break is here and thus, I offer you another band to explore!

Won’t be writing here the introduction I wrote on my czech blog, since this is international version and therefore, it would be meaningless and for foreigners irrelevant.

So – I love this band – really. I grew on its songs. And if there are those who miss them, I offer you a quick introduction 🙂

Here we go!

The first song – legendary and heart-catching Pyramid Song:

Another one from the same album – You and whose army – the ending of this song gives me a real chill:

The third one – a somewhat older video – Street spirit (fade out):

And the last – famous song originated from three different ones – Paranoid Android:

So – did you like it?
Radiohead – official site
Radiohead – wikipedia
See ya
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