Jon Kennedy

Well, and here we have another really good and talented musician – Jon Kennedy from UK ( I guess 🙂 ).

His music can be easily recognized by typical mixing of different styles of music – creating a musical mixture, which is really addictive!

But – try it for yourself!



Tell me how you feel (Bonobo mix):

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Wanna know more?

Jon Kennedy –

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Thom York

I wrote about this exceptionally talented and original musician and vocalist indirectly in my post about Radiohead.

Today, I would like to introduce some of his songs from his solo production.

His music is not easy to listen to. But, if you have enough patience to sink into it, you will be greatly rewarded!

The Eraser:

Harrowdown Hill:

Rabbit In Your Headlights (in collaboration with UNLE):

Black Swan:

Wanna know more?

T. York – wikipedia

T. York – The Eraser official site

T. York – Radiohead official site

T. York –

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Today, I have for you, unfortunately for some time deceased UK band – Moloko!

The first time I saw them was on the also deceased TV channel Viva 2, which was airing their live concert. It really was something! I recorded them and watch their live show over and over again.. They were so full of energy and funny…

So – to all of you, who have not heard any of their songs yet I put a few videos here – I hope you’ll like them.

The Time is Now (for D.! 😉 ):

Sing It Back:

Familiar Feeling:


Pure Pleasure Seeker:

The Flipside:

Wanna know more?

Moloko – official site

Moloko – wikipedia

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Keren Ann

Well, We are at the beginning of a new workweek, and here we have a really dreadful, misty morning.

So – I think, that just for this kind of morning (and weather in general 🙂 ), Keren Ann is the right choice. She is French singer, with quite specific and kinda fragile voice. So, I will put some songs here, for all of you, who like this kind of music and have not heard about her yet.

Here we go – the first one – I’m not going anywhere:

The second one – Chelsea Burns:

La Biographie de Laura Philipsen:

And the last one – Lay your head down:

Do you want to know more?

There it is, then!

K. Ann – official site

K. Ann – wikipedia

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