The heroes of mine 2. – Jay and Silent Bob…

These guys are simply fantastic! One only talks about sex, wanking, smoking weed and woman, the other one usually says 2-3 replies in the whole film…

It is, as said the guy, who wanted to buy some weed in Clerks 2: “I like them – they are funny”.

This couple was created by the imagination of the Kevin Smith – screenwriter, director, actor, producer…

This couple of funny drug-dealers was present in almost all of the Kevin’s films.

Their childish, sarcastic, ironic and sometimes gross humour is great and real fun.

And since this blog is about them, I will put here a few videos – I hope you will like them and maybe you will see the films – they are way cool, believe me!

So here we go – Fucking Short Version of the Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back!

Second – Jay’s Rap – Clerks II:

Third – Jay is dancing – Clerks II (btw. a great parody of the famous scene from the film…. guess – which one? 🙂 ):

Fourth – A few cuts from the Clerks II:

Fifth – great Mark Hamill (Luke – “Don’t fuck with the Jadi Master, son!”) – clash of the light sabers – Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back!:

Sixth – Olaf’s Berserker – Clerks I. :

And – bonus – the cool and accurately ironic and sarcastic – “porch-monkey” scene from the Clerks II:

Have a nice weekend!



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