Every one of us believes in something…

Yep, that’s how it is. Everyone is a “believer”. Even the hard-sworn atheist. Guess, that mankind is the only specie on this planet who has to believe in something, otherwise it could not stand the hardships of the daily life.

I think, that each of you, who at least once tried to think about his/her own belief, hit the interesting paradox. There are some people who tell us, that they don’t believe in something as abstract and uncertain as god (or God, if you like). That he/she believes only into something he/she can touch, see, etc. And this is the core of the problem.

Everyone believes in something – Christians believe in The only God, Muslims believe in almighty Allah, people in India believe in the whole gallery of gods. And some other people believe in the own reason, or in money (or better put – in the power of money), or for example in the Theory of everything :-).

But everyone believes. Can’t imagine someone who believes in nothing.

And as they say in my favourite movie of my favourite director K. Smith Dogma – “Doesn’t matter in what do you believe – what matter is that you believe”.

Have a nice day



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