is a band from Belgium, which is still one of my most favourite bands. I really enjoyed them during my college years. And still, when I have the right mood, I put them into my cd player and submerge into this hypnotic music…

So – shall we listen?

Oh and one more thing – from now on, I will put the selected songs here in one track. First – it saves the space onto my upload server. Second – you will not have to click on the each song to play it. Just click once and enjoy all of them.

So – here is the list of the songs:


  1. Mad About You
  2. Battersea
  3. Someone
  4. Out of Time
  5. Inhaler


Wanna know more?

Hooverphonic – wikipedia

Hooverphonic – last.fm

Hooverphonic – official site

Have a nice day!



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